Sunday Afternoon Programs for May 6th to October 28th, 2018

Carr House Information Center at 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

Maximum occupancy of Carr House is 49 persons

Coronado National Forest Proposed Fee Changes

Zac Ribbing

May 6th

A presentation about why fees changes are being proposed. The Coronado National Forest is working to make developed recreation sites more sustainable. Fee changes are needed to continue to provide amenities, services, preserve investments, protect resources and make fees consistent across the Forest.


Black Bears in the Sky Islands

Mark Hart

May 20th

In addition to covering the range and characteristics of the species, this presentation addresses the challenges involved in managing the black bear population in southeast Arizona. Specifically examined is the effect of the Monument Fire in 2011 on black bears in the Huachuca Mountains west of Sierra Vista.

Beautiful Butterflies of the Huachuca Mts.

Priscilla Brodkin

June 3rd

Take a virtual reality field trip of SE AZ butterflies & their food & nectar plants!


Hooray for Herps-Snakes, Lizards and more

Tom Miscione

June 17th

Tom Miscione, herpetologist, will help us learn not to fear these important members of the local eco-system. His many live specimens will let you get up close and personal with a diverse number of snakes and lizards.  Always popular, be sure to come early.


Volcanoes, sky islands, and cordilleras

Christopher Bentley

July 1st

Sierra Vista is at the center of the Sky Island Archipelago – a collection of mountain ranges that rise high above the deserts and grasslands. They provide critical habitat to an incredible array of flora and fauna that give this region the reputation of one of the most biologically diverse areas in the country. In this presentation we will soar far above the Sky Islands to look at the whole region that stretches into Mexico, We will look at the canyons of the Huachuca Mountains for evidence of a violent past and will dig deep into the earth to look at the ways these ranges have formed over time.


Voices from Arizona’s Past and Modern Voices in our Night: Deal with Climate Change (or else)

Dr. Jeffrey S. Kargel, Senior Scientist at the Planetary Science Institute at U. of A.

July 15th

Climate is shifting worldwide at a historically unprecedented pace. In Arizona, as elsewhere, the 21st century will be a time of adaptation and recovery from coupled climatic and economic upheavals. Unprecedented extreme weather may be an economic breaking point for parts of our country that fail to prepare.

Migrant Jaguars along the US/Mexico Border

Diana Hadley

 July 29th

This dramatically illustrated PowerPoint presentation will discuss the current and past history of jaguars and other native wildlife species in the Borderlands area of Arizona, Sonora, New Mexico and Chihuahua.  The discussion will describe current efforts to protect the northernmost breeding population of highly endangered jaguars in northern Mexico, and the challenges faced in maintaining genetic diversity, safe wildlife corridors, and secure habitat for jaguars and other native wildlife species.  A member of the Northern Jaguar Project, a grassroots nonprofit organization based in Tucson, will make the presentation.

Trogons of the Arizona Borderlands

Rick Taylor

August 12th

Rick spent 8 summers beginning in 1977 conducting research on the life history and ecology of Elegant Trogons in Arizona.  His studies soon led him south of the border to look at populations of these and other trogons, and in 1980 he founded Borderland Tours, an international birding tour company dedicated to responsible ecotourism.  Rick is the author of location checklists for the Huachuca and Chiricahua Mountains, as well as Trogons of the Arizona Borderlands (1994), A Birder’s Guide to Southeastern Arizona (2005; a title in the ABA regional field guide series), and a photo field guide Birds of Southeastern Arizona (2010). 


Sketching in Nature

Carolyn Yeutter

August 26th

Let your creativity flow. Come join Carolyn Yeutter, artist and teacher, as she leads you to walk and sketch in nature. Please bring paper and pencils.


The Great 1887 Sonoran Earthquake

Glenn Minuth

September 9th

We will examine Arizona’s earthquake risk by recognizing the statewide distribution of known faults and view seismic risk maps. Then, we will consider the often spoken of (but little known in terms of detail), 1887 Sonoran earthquake through a review of historic damage pictures, as well as the geological features of the Pitaycachi Fault.  You will see how it has been studied more recently to analyze its future activity potential.  Finally, you will have the opportunity to review the first-person narrative accounts from more than 200 Arizona locations, nearby states, and Mexico.


Backyard Bird Photography

Tony Batiste

September 23th

Tony Batiste will share his knowledge of how to use photo blinds, natural perches, and composition along with what to expect and when to expect it. Essential photo gear and techniques for the garden can be adapted for photography in the field.


Compassionate Coexistence with Wildlife

Kate Scott

October 14th

Animals have a right to live in and around us. Respect for those around us starts with greater understanding of their habits and needs. Kate will share practical, simple actions to enjoying wildlife watching in the madrean archipelago ecoregion.


Dia de los Muertos Celebration

Mike Foster

October 28th

Mike Foster, videographer and Carr House Host, will show how the Axtec/Catholic holiday is celebrated in cemeteries just across the international border and more extended places in Mexico. Learn more about this holiday through traditional breads and beverages with accompanying videos and discussions.