Current Summer Program

“All are invited to attend our summer program of presentations on the natural and cultural history of the Huachuca Mountains and environs. These presentations are offered free of charge at 1:30 p.m. at the Carr House on alternate Sundays from April through November. The topics are wide-ranging as illustrated below by our presentation program for the summer of 2020

Sunday Afternoon Programs for May 5th to October 27th, 2020

Carr House Information Center at 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

Maximum occupancy of Carr House is 49 persons

Night Sky Preservation

Ted Forte with Huachuca Astronomy Club

May 5th

Amateur astronomer Ted Forte of the Huachuca Astronomy Club will discuss how local amateur astronomers are enjoying our night sky and are activists for night sky preservation.  Ted is a contributing editor for Sky & Telescope magazine and writes the monthly “Backyard Astronomer” column for the Herald/Review.


Mountain Lions

Mark Hart with Arizona Game and Fish Department

May 19th

This presentation will examine how to distinguish a mountain lion from other species, read its body language, and deter it if the encounter is too close or menacing. In addition, it will attempt to right popular misconceptions about this iconic and beautiful creature.

Hiking the Arizona National Scenic Trail

Steve Chaffee, Hiker of the Arizona Trail in both directions

June 2nd

Steve will share his own experiences on the trail along with some poetry that addresses some of the Arizona Trail’s natural history. He will also talk about hikers and bikers that he met along the trail.

Hooray for Herps-Snakes, Lizards and more

Tom Miscione, Herpetologist

June 16th

Tom will help us learn not to fear these important members of the local eco-system. His many live specimens will let you get up close and personal with a diverse number of snakes and lizards. Always popular, be sure to come early!

Cochise County Watersheds

MaryAnn Capehart, from the Water Wise Program
UA Cooperative Extension, Cochise County

June 30th

She will speak on how to visualize the watersheds in the topography of Cochise County. She will also comment on watershed moments in conservation in Cochise County, and discuss things we all can do to preserve our watersheds for the future.

Introduction to Birding by Ear

Rick Romea, Birding Expert

July 14th

In this class, we will start to develop a common language to describe bird vocalizations, using examples from common southwest birds.  Then we will introduce some of the simple tricks that take the mystery out of birding by ear, including: name-saying, mnemonics and memory tricks, cadence and sound quality tip-offs, sound-alike birds, and figuring out thrillers. 

Bisbee Walls: Past and Present

Colleen Crowlie, author

July 28th

There are hundreds of walls in Old Bisbee because it was built in a canyon.  In the early twentieth century thousands of miners came to work in the copper mines and built walls to hold up their homes on the steep hillsides.  The walls are all unique.  Now Bisbee is an arts community and many artists have decorated walls.  Bisbee Walls: Past and Present author, Colleen Crowlie will show a sampling of Bisbee’s finest walls and introduce the masons and artists who have created them.

The San Pedro River: A Fragile Oasis in the Desert

Bob Luce, Wildlife biologist, writer, and photographer

August 11th

Bob will present images of the spectacular scenery along the San Pedro River during the four seasons of the year, share images of some of the many native birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians that inhabit the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, and discuss the present and future impacts of humans on the river.

Southern Arizona’s Small Carnivores

Jeff Babson, Sky Island Tours

August 25th

Southern Arizona is home to a variety of small carnivores, including Northern Raccoon, Ringtail, Gray Fox, Ocelot, to name a few.  This talk explores the diversity and life history of these wonderful mammals.

Plants of the Dragoons

Doug Ripley, Arizona Native Plant Society President

September 15th

Doug will provide an illustrated presentation describing the flora, fauna, plant communities, and geology of the Dragoon Mountains. Particular emphasis will be on the over 700 species of vascular plants he has identified during a ten year study of the Dragoon flora and comparisons of it with those of the two other major Cochise County Sky Islands, the Huachucas and the Chiricahuas.

Food from Desert Plants

Angeles Emory, Local Gardener and Plant Expert

September 29th

Angeles will share her knowledge and recipes using edible desert plants. You will be invited to have a small taste of some of these foods.

Amazing Arachnids

Jillian Cowles, Biologist and Author

October 13th

The southwestern United States is home to a rich diversity of amazing arachnids. Among their ranks are the tough, the resourceful, the beautiful, and the dangerous. Getting to 
know these small neighbors which share our planet (and sometimes our 
homes) is immensely rewarding and never dull.

Dia de los Muertos Celebration

Mike Foster, Videographer and Carr House Host

October 27th

Mike will show how the Aztec/Catholic holiday is celebrated in cemeteries just across the international border and more extended places in Mexico. Learn more about this holiday through traditional breads and beverages with accompanying videos and discussions.