Todd - Sampson - Haverty

Homesteading Family in Carr Canyon



Robert Todd

Robert Todd, who came to the United States from Ireland, settled in Carr Canyon in 1887 after completion of a five year tour of duty at Fort Huachuca.


Elizabeth Rowland Spence

Elizabeth Rowland Spence emigrated from England to Bisbee in 1890. In 1893 she married Elmore Sampson, a widower with three children (Raymond, Floyd Shirley, and Florence). They had two daughters, Ethel and Margaret. Their son Emory was born in 1897, six weeks are Elmore’s death.


Elizabeth & Robert

Elizabeth and Robert married in 1898. They had four children. William, Robert, Frances, and Almeda.


Homestead Grant

Todd’s 1910 Homestead Grant listed two homes. There was a storeroom, woodshed, meat house, bunk house, adobe wagon shed, blacksmith shop, barn, cow stable, chicken house, five wells (ranging in depth from 12 to 50 feet), and 20 acres under cultivation, including 1200 fruit trees.



Robert Todd died in 1922 and is buried on his homestead. His daughter Margaret and her husband, Oklahoma Pete Harverty, continued the family presence, along with their sons Virgil and Dell; George and Helen Astin, Margaret’s children from her first marriage; and Ruth Farris, and adopted niece. Pete had lost his leg at age three. He always used a crutch, which he made himself, and was a noted rodeo rider, horseman, and rancher. The family property was sold in 1929.


Horace and Henry Magne

Horace and Henry Magne also lived and worked on the Todd Homestead. Horace worked as a clerk, bookkeeper, and mining engineer. Henry was a lawyer, surveyor, and Justice of the Peace from 1914 to the 1920s.