Message From the President

The summer solstice has come and gone, and we are anxiously awaiting the rains. Although fire activity has been light in our area the next couple of weeks will be precarious and we encourage everyone to be vigilant.

It is with great sadness we report the passing of Ludwig and Barbara Kuttner within a day of each other. The Kuttners, along with Ralph and Rosemary Snapp, were part of the original founders of The Friends of Huachuca Mountains and spent many hours rebuilding Carr House. Although the Kuttners returned to Virginia in 2019 their legacy in SE Arizona remains bright. A grateful thank you to the many individuals who have since provided memorials to the Friends in memory of Ludwig and Barbara.

As you travel around the area it does not take long to realize we’re in the middle of an election season, and the Friends are no different. Based on a series of events we have many positions up for election. They are: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Programs, and Philanthropy. Being on the FOHM Board can be a very exciting and rewarding experience, and I encourage every FOHM member to consider running for a position. With our Operations Agreement and Site Plan in place with the US Forest Service the next four years will be exciting.

Per our bylaws an election committee will be formed by July 1 to nominate no more than two candidates for all open positions. Before August 1 all members will receive a ballot with candidate names. Space for write-in candidates will be provided. Election results will be posted on September 1.

Again, I highly urge everyone to consider running for a position on the Board. Your participation will only strengthen the organization and provide for a bright future. On an administrative note, we have renewed the FOHM web site agreement with Frank Emanuele for another year. Frank has done a great job behind the scenes keeping the
site current and operational.

This spring we completed an unofficial review of our financial activities. We are happy to report no material deficiencies. The report did recommend including more board member participation in the various financial transactions.

The Sunday afternoon programs continue to experience strong public participation. Its not a bad place to hang out, listen to great presentations and the AC works. We’ve also added several Saturday morning programs. Read all about them below.

In summation, thank you all for your continued support. Please consider participating in
the Board of Directors. And pray for RAIN!


Eric Andersen
President, Friends of the Huachuca Mountains


Friends of the Huachuca Mountains Saturday Morning Events, 2024

Saturday, August 17, 8 a.m. Take a bird walk at Carr House with FOHM Board member and Cochise College biology instructor Steve Merkley. First, we will observe the diverse
hummingbird species, such as broad-billed and Rivoli’s hummingbirds, at feeders near the house. Next, we will take a short hike near the Carr House looking for other birds, such as bridled titmouse, Mexican jay, tanagers, and many more. Bring your binoculars!

Saturday, September 14, 9 a.m. Join Mike Foster, our Carr House host, to learn more about the plants of the Huachuca Mountains. Mike’s presentation will start with a short
video about many of the plant species in the Madrean Evergreen Woodlands surrounding Carr House and their uses by indigenous people as food sources as well as medicines. Following the video, Mike will lead a hike around Carr House, so we’ll have the chance to identify the plants introduced in the video.

Saturday, October 12, 10 a.m. Rosemary Snapp, founding member of the Friends of the Huachuca Mountains, will give a talk about some of the early residents of Carr Canyon and their interesting lives. Following the talk, Mike Foster will lead the group to the ruins
of the Healey property in the meadow below Carr House.

Saturday, November 2, 9 a.m. Bill Gillespie, retired archaeologist with the US Forest Service, Coronado National Forest, will discuss the history of mining in the Huachuca
Mountains. Was there “gold in them thar hills?” Join us for this interesting program and find out!

Friends of the Huachuca Mountains Board of Directors:
Eric Andersen, President
Linda Stitt, Vice President and Acting Secretary
Pat Dillingham, Treasurer
Jane Chambers, Director
Steve Merkley, Director
Carolyn Santucci, Director

To contact the Friends of the Huachuca Mountains or the Board, email