Latest Past Events

Dia de los Muertos Celebration

Carr House

Mike Foster, Videographer and Carr House Host Mike will show how the Aztec/Catholic holiday is celebrated in cemeteries just across the international border and more extended places in Mexico. Learn more about this holiday through traditional breads and beverages with accompanying videos and discussions.

Amazing Arachnids

Carr House

Jillian Cowles, Biologist and Author The southwestern United States is home to a rich diversity of amazing arachnids. Among their ranks are the tough, the resourceful, the beautiful, and the dangerous. Getting to 
know these small neighbors which share our planet (and sometimes our 
homes) is immensely rewarding and never dull.

Food from Desert Plants

Carr House

Angeles Emory, Local Gardener and Plant Expert Angeles will share her knowledge and recipes using edible desert plants. You will be invited to have a small taste of some of these foods.