Spring 2013

Dear Friends of the Huachuca Mountains Member,


Carr House is open for the season

We have a new walkway and a set of stairs going into the house due to the efforts of John and Karen Poole, who served as site host in March.  It really dresses up the area; they also scraped and painted window frames and doors.  Be sure to come up and see.  Carr House is open from 9 to 4, Saturday and Sunday until the beginning of October.  There were over 25 visitors our first day.


Sunday programs begin 5/5/13

We will begin on May 5th with Hereford Remembered presented by author, Suzanne Arnold.  This program will discuss the bold pioneers that made their lives in the community and their descendants that remain today.


As usual the programs will be offered every other Sunday at 1:30 at the Carr House Information Center and will continue through October 6th.  Please check the website at www.huachucamountains.org for a detailed listing of the summers offerings.  They are fun and interesting.



Two exciting new opportunities will begin this season.  First, our host Mike Foster will be leading monthly hikes in May, June and July to help us become more familiar with plants and trees in the Carr House area.  The first one will leave from Carr House at 9am on Saturday 5/25.  Mike will lead us on the nature trail, an easy walk of about 1 mile.  He will identify and discuss the ethno-botany of plants and trees in the area.


Later in the season, August and September, our historian, Rosemary Snapp will walk with folks out to the ruins of the Healy Ranch to give a historical perspective of what it looked like and its impact and importance to the Huachucas.



We have a regular flow of visitors at Carr House this season.  Mike Foster, our new host, is doing a great job but it always helps to have a second person there to talk to visitors.  Remember our shifts are from 9 am to 12:30 pm and 12:30 to 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday.  Please contact Mary Beth Sutor by phone ((520) 366-5274) or e-mail (mbsutor@gmail.com) to sign up for a shift.


Program days are covered but all other shifts are open.  Since we have Mike there full time there is the opportunity to walk with visitors on the Nature Trail or on your own if you wish.  The garden is looking green and lush.  Take a break and come up to Carr House.



The board took part in the Hunter Canyon clean-up in cooperation with the Forest Service in March.  The event was meant to bring awareness to the fact that the Huachucas are multiuse areas and we need to be are responsible stewards of the land.  This means caring for the plants and trees and cleaning up after ourselves.


We also sent a donation to the Beatty’s to assist in the litigation with the City of Tombstone.  We wanted to support their ongoing protection of the Huachuca Mountain environment in Miller Canyon and their stewardship fo water resources to sustain the hummingbird population and protection of endangered species. 


Mary Beth Sutor

Friends of the Huachuca Mountains

Greeter Coordinator