Dear Friends –

Spring is here, and Carr House is open for the season! So get yourselves up Carr Canyon Road any Saturday or Sunday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. and check out the improvements we’ve made to Carr House! You’ll see new history displays, a reorganized and improved Discovery Room for the kids, and a welcoming space for visitors to learn about Carr Canyon and its past and present inhabitants, human as well non-human, like birds, animals, insects, and plants.

One big change you’ll notice in the main room of Carr House is the addition of banners explaining the human history of Carr Canyon. We’ve reorganized the space to make room for these banners, and we hope you’ll spend some time learning about the fascinating people who have called Carr Canyon home over the years. A big round of applause goes out to Rosemary Snapp, our resident historian, who has spent years researching and documenting the Carrs, Todds, Healeys, and others who have lived in or passed through Carr Canyon. Thanks also to Judy Phillips, who has been helping Rosemary with these banners, and Pauline Fredericks, who has volunteered her time and graphic expertise to put together these wonderful displays.

Spring also means we have to say goodbye to our wonderful winter site hosts, John and Karen Poole, and hello to our equally wonderful summer site hosts, Gerry and Paula Lucero. Site hosts are essential at places like Carr House, where funding for upkeep and repairs is limited and volunteer “Friends” can only do so much on their own. If you see Gerry or Paula this summer, or John and Karen when they return in the fall, be sure to thank them for all their hard work in helping keep Carr House up and running.

Mike Foster will be our Carr House host again this year. Mike has lots of information to share with visitors and is a super asset to our organization!

Our regular Sunday afternoon programs will start on May 7, and we’ll have programs every other Sunday at 1:30 p.m. through October 29. Check out the schedule on the next page and mark your calendars for programs that interest you!

Please note that for safety reasons we must limit occupancy in Carr House to 49 persons. We need to adhere to that limit in case of an emergency. In the past, the audiences for some popular programs have exceeded that number, so we encourage you to arrive early to be sure and get a seat, as additional visitors over the limit will not be admitted in Carr House while the program is going on. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please also note that dogs are not allowed in Carr House! The Forest Service has instructed us to enforce the posted signs stating that no dogs are allowed in Carr House, with service animals the exception. We appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation.

Don’t forget to check our website, ( for up-to-date information, newsletters, links to videos posted by Mike Foster all about our beautiful mountains, important dates, information on upcoming events, and contact information for the Friends of the Huachuca Mountains.


Sunday Afternoon Programs at Carr House

All programs start at 1:30 p.m. 

May 7 Firewise, Keeping your Home Safe: Rebecca Hodgeson Balderas, Fire Prevention Specialist for the Forest Service, will talk about the Firewise program. Firewise encourages local solutions for safety by involving homeowners in taking responsibility for protecting their homes from the risk of wildfires by teaching people how to adapt to living with wildfires. It encourages neighbors to work together to take action now to prevent losses. The presentation will also include the Future Fighter Program for children telling them about the life of a wildland fire fighter. Gear, tools, tactics, and information on career opportunities will be available.

May 21 Caves of the Huachuca Mountains: Christopher Bentley, Park Ranger, Coronado National Memorial, will talk about the ancient shallow seas that once covered Southeast Arizona and the remains of millions of years of sea life compacted into a series of limestone layers that now house a number of extraordinary caves and karst features in the range. He will focus on Coronado Cave in the Huachuca Mts.

June 4 Cowboy Poetry: Eileen Ahearn, Co-Chair of the Western Heritage Schools Outreach Program of the Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering, will tell us about the Western Heritage Schools Outreach Program and share some winning student poetry. We will also enjoy a little cowboy music and get the audience to collectively write a few easy poems.

June 18 Hooray for Herps – Snakes, Lizards and more! Tom Miscione, herpetologist, will help us learn not to fear these important members of the local eco-system. His many live specimens will let you get up close and personal with a diverse number of snakes and lizards. Always popular, be sure to come early!

July 9 Food from Desert Plants: Angulus Emory, a native transplant from Puebla, Mexico, local gardener and plant expert, will share her knowledge of edible desert plants. You will be invited to have a small taste of some of these foods.

July 23 Burrowing Owls in Palominas: Gordon Lewis will give a presentation that will cover the Burrowing Owls relocation in Palominas. Four sites in Cochise County have been populated with owls during the past 10 years. One site, the oldest, is near the San Pedro River in Palominas. Gordon will present photographs of the Palominas relocation site and an overview of what goes into making a home for these owls. A bit of ecology involved with Burrowing Owls and cohort species will be explained.

August 6 Plants (and a few other things) from the River to the Peaks: Join Betsy Kunzer for a photo trip from the San Pedro River, through the desert scrub and grasslands to the canyons and peaks of the Huachuca Mountains. We’ll look at local plants, some of their relations with other organisms and give a few tips on identification.

August 20 Coatis: A Tropical Mammal in Arizona: Jeff Babson will give a presentation about coatis in this area. Coatis reach the northern limit of their range in southern Arizona. This presentation will highlight the biology of these beautiful cousins of raccoons.

Sept. 3 Introduction to the Wintering Sparrows of the Huachuca Mts. and San Pedro Valley: Many species of sparrows may be found overwintering in our area. Homer Hansen will introduce some of the more common sparrow species that may be observed, provide useful characteristics to recognize them, and pass along a few interesting tidbits about this often under-appreciated family of birds.

Sept. 17 Pollinators of Flowering Plants in the Huachuca Mountains: Karen LeMay, founder of Pollinator Corridors Southwest, will be showing images of local flowering native plants and their insect, bird or bat pollinators. After the presentation, we will take a short hike in search of flowering plants.

October 1 A Spanish Fort on the San Pedro: Perrie Barnes will present information about Presidio de Terrenate de Santa Cruz, a Spanish fort established in 1775 and abandoned in 1780. This presidio was high on the bluffs above the San Pedro River. The site is a monument to three cultures: Spanish, Apache, and Sobiapuri – each the embodiment of romance and legend.

October 15 Backyard Bird Photography: Tony Battiste will share his knowledge of how to use photo blinds, natural perches, and composition along with what to expect and when to expect it . Essential photo gear and techniques for the garden can be adapted for photography in the field.

October 29 Dia de los Muertos Celebration: Mike Foster, videographer and Carr House Host, will show how the Aztec/Catholic holiday is celebrated in cemeteries just across the international border. Learn more about this holiday through traditional breads and beverages with accompanying videos and discussions.

See you at Carr House!