To The Members of The Friends of Huachuca Mountains.

I am honored and humbled to be entrusted as being your President of this outstanding organization. Our past President, Judy Phillips, has left the organization in great standing, and I only can strive to continue that standard of excellence. We have a great team in place. The contributions of our Forest Service liaison, Zac Ribbing, have been invaluable.

This past 18 months have presented some unique challenges to us, and the uncertainty of the future will provide additional challenges. As we speak, the Carr House is open on its scheduled weekends and holidays. Mike Foster, our docent, reports people are enthusiastic to get outdoors and enjoy our special place.  As we ramp down this season it is my intent to make sure we have a full schedule in

place for next season with programs and educational opportunities.

In the next couple of months, we will be celebrating the contributions of Ralph and Rosemary Snapp to the Friends, and we will make sure you are notified when a date is finalized. We will also be celebrating the annual meeting, the end of the Carr House season, and recognizing our past President Judy.

I ask for your patience as I transition into this position. I am currently upgrading my IT capabilities to better support the FOHM. If you have any questions/comments, feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you for your vote of confidence and I look forward to being YOUR President.


Eric Andersen

Results of 2021 Elections for Officers and  Members of the Board of Directors

Please welcome the new officers of the FOHM Board of Directors:

President, Eric Andersen; Vice President, Dwight Hoxie

Current Board member Jane Chambers has been re-elected, and we are pleased to welcome a new member of the Board, Steve Merkley.

Along with returning Board members Pat Dillingham, Linda Stitt, and Carolyn Santucci, we have an active and engaged Board of Directors for the upcoming year as we continue with our mission to provide educational opportunities and enhanced awareness of the natural and cultural history of the Huachuca Mountains at the Carr House.

Succulent Garden

Board member Dwight Hoxie together with Johanna Donat and local Master Gardener Jan Groth have developed plans for a succulent garden at Carr House.  The plants will include several varieties of agave and cactus which are all native to the Huachuca Mountains.  One section of the garden has already been planted by the right-hand corner of the house.  Our sincere thanks to Dwight, Jan, and especially Johanna, who has donated funds to cover one half of the project, with the remaining half to be covered by the Friends.  Be sure to take the time to admire their work the next time you visit Carr House.

Site Hosts

If you’ve visited Carr House and wondered about the various RVs parked there through the years, let us introduce you to the Forest Service’s Site Host program.  Forest Service site hosts set up housekeeping in locations throughout the country.  In return for an RV site with service hookups and a small stipend, site hosts maintain the area around their space and provide a “lived-in” look to ensure security at the sites, which are often located in rather remote areas like Carr Canyon.  Our site hosts at Carr House are also responsible for maintaining facilities at the Perimeter Trail picnic area and the Reef Townsite and Ramsey Vista campgrounds.  Our current site hosts are Brad and Anita Grabowski, who will be with us until November, when John and Karen Poole will be back as our site hosts for the winter.  We truly appreciate all the site hosts who have worked so hard for the Forest Service throughout the country and throughout the years, especially those who have called Carr Canyon their home at various times.

Looking Forward

Carr House will continue to be open Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. through November 28. We will also be open on all national holidays, including all four days of Thanksgiving weekend, November 25-28.  Carr House will reopen in the spring on a date yet to be determined.  We hope to also begin our educational programs at some point.  We have all missed those programs and seeing our friends there.

Fall is beautiful in Carr Canyon and throughout the Huachuca Mountains.  Make a note to visit Carr House one or more weekends through the end of November.  We’ll look forward to seeing you in the spring!


Friends of the Huachuca Mountains

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