Friends of the Huachuca Mountains
Fall, 2022, Newsletter

A Message from the President

The summer of 2022 sure went by in a hurry.  Although our visitor numbers started out a little slow, they have greatly picked up.  Once the rains started and the Carr Canyon Falls were flowing it really got busy.   Our Sunday programs have been well attended and our lineup of speakers put together by Jane Chambers has been excellent.   We also supported Southwest Wings for two evenings of insect backlighting led by Jeff Babson in the parking lot.  

The Board has been working on a couple of major projects.  Attached to the newsletter is the FY23 Budget that Pat Dillingham has put together.  We have identified the normal operations and maintenance projects as well as new initiatives we thought we could handle.  One of the more interesting projects is a potential to partner with Cochise College which Steve Merkle will be addressing.  Dwight Hoxie has been working on improving the signage on Carr Road.  

Our big maintenance project of the summer was a septic line replacement through the parking lot, under the stone wall and hooked into the cast iron pipe running under the house.  The line was completely plugged with tree roots and was inoperable.  Thanks to Bob McCoy and the Fire Crew from the SV Ranger District we were able to avoid a huge cost and repair this in house.   

Congratulations to Linda Stitt on being reelected to serve another term as our secretary.  We realize this may not be the most glamorous job, but it is critically essential.  Thank you, Linda.

Our Annual Meeting for all membership will be 30 October (Sunday) right after our last program for the year (Day of the Dead – Mike Foster).  The program will start at 1:30 p.m. Please plan on attending and hearing what your Board has been doing this past year.  Light refreshments will be served.  

Thank you to the Board and FOHM members for everything you do to make this a place where over 2,000 people have visited to learn more about the natural and cultural history of the Huachuca Mountains.  Hope to see all of you on 30 Oct at the Annual Meeting


Eric N. Andersen 

Treasurer’s Report

As Eric mentioned above, we have developed a budget for FY23 after a review of the last several years of financial reports and input from the current Board members.  Based on previous years’ income and expenses and suggestions for new items from the Board, this is the budget we have prepared.


Membership Donations$  1,000.00
Donations (Special Donors & Memorabilia)$        50.00
Transfer from Investment Accounts/Carr House Fund$17,000.00

Maps and trail guides (from L. Taylor)$     670.00
Public Relations, Programs, Website$  3,550.00
Admin (Office, Copies, PO Box, Stamps, etc.)     $        75.00
Membership Meetings$        75.00
Carr House Maintenance$      300.00
Carr House Supplies (cleaning, sugar for feeders, etc.)$      100.00
Exhibits$      300.00
Corp. Comm/Tax/Payroll Consultant (Fees)$  1,000.00
Insurance$  2,600.00
Donations (i.e., Wildland Firefighters Fund)$     400.00
Paid Greeter (Payroll, Taxes, etc.)$  1,300.00
TOTAL $  20,370.00

Please contact me at the email address below if you have any questions.

Pat Dillingham

Friends of the Huachuca Mountains Board of Directors:

Eric Andersen, President

Dwight Hoxie, Vice President

Linda Stitt, Secretary

Pat Dillingham, Treasurer

Jane Chambers, Director 

Steve Merkley, Director

Carolyn Santucci, Director

To contact the Friends of the Huachuca Mountains or the Board, email