Trogons of the Arizona Borderlands

Rick spent 8 summers beginning in 1977 conducting research on the life history and ecology of Elegant Trogons in Arizona.  His studies soon led him south of the border to look at populations of these and other trogons, and in 1980 he founded Borderland Tours, an international birding tour company dedicated to responsible ecotourism.  Rick […]

Sketching in Nature

Let your creativity flow. Come join Carolyn Yeutter, artist and teacher, as she leads you to walk and sketch in nature. Please bring paper and pencils.

The Great 1887 Sonoran Earthquake

We will examine Arizona’s earthquake risk by recognizing the statewide distribution of known faults and view seismic risk maps.  Then, we will consider the often spoken of (but little known in terms of detail), 1887 Sonoran earthquake through a review of historic damage pictures, as well as the geological features of the Pitaycachi Fault.  You […]

Backyard Bird Photography

Tony Batiste will share his knowledge of how to use photo blinds, natural perches, and composition along with what to expect and when to expect it. Essential photo gear and techniques for the garden can be adapted for photography in the field.

Compassionate Coexistence with Wildlife

Animals have a right to live in and around us. Respect for those around us starts with greater understanding of their habits and needs. Kate will share practical, simple actions to enjoying wildlife watching in the madrean archipelago ecoregion.

Dia de los Muertos Celebration

Mike Foster, videographer and Carr House Host, will show how the Axtec/Catholic holiday is celebrated in cemeteries just across the international border and more extended places in Mexico. Learn more about this holiday through traditional breads and beverages with accompanying videos and discussions.

Night Sky Preservation

Carr House

Ted Forte with Huachuca Astronomy Club Amateur astronomer Ted Forte of the Huachuca Astronomy Club will discuss how local amateur astronomers are enjoying our night sky and are activists for night sky preservation.  Ted is a contributing editor for Sky & Telescope magazine and writes the monthly “Backyard Astronomer” column for the Herald/Review.

Mountain Lions

Carr House

Mark Hart with Arizona Game and Fish Department This presentation will examine how to distinguish a mountain lion from other species, read its body language, and deter it if the encounter is too close or menacing. In addition, it will attempt to right popular misconceptions about this iconic and beautiful creature.

Hiking the Arizona National Scenic Trail

Carr House

Steve Chaffee, Hiker of the Arizona Trail in both directions Steve will share his own experiences on the trail along with some poetry that addresses some of the Arizona Trail’s natural history. He will also talk about hikers and bikers that he met along the trail.

Hooray for Herps – Snakes, Lizards, and more

Tom Miscione, Herpetologist Tom will help us learn not to fear these important members of the local eco-system. His many live specimens will let you get up close and personal with a diverse number of snakes and lizards. Always popular, be sure to come early!